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  • Web Design

A good travel experience starts when we’re still at home. When we’re searching for the best travel destination on a website that works, gives us inspiration and let’s our spirit fly.

Acadimos travel is one of the first and largest travel agencies in Greece. For the research and design of its new website, Radial was chosen giving our team the opportunity for a new, wonderful journey.

Our trip with Acadimos travel started by discovering and studying the range of the services it offers and the practical needs of its audience. By redesigning Acadimos’ website, Radial wanted to offer a new experience to Acadimos’ loyal customers, but also aimed to reach out to a new audience that wants its travel experience to start from its first surfing.

The biggest challenge was the managing of a huge amount of information and its visual presentation in a pleasant –for the visitor- way. Apart from the wonderful images of the travel destinations, all the practical information had to be presented in a comprehensible and convenient way.

We created a website, in which everything is shown bold yet balanced. Clean typography with vivid graphic elements, large colored surfaces with warm hues and decorative patterns, combined with beautiful photographs of destinations in the foreground. These elements create a graphic environment that highlights Acadimos’ trips, then helps in choosing the trip destination and offers a pleasant starting point for the new travelers.