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Babyglitter is an exclusively online store with clothing and furnishings, accessories and toys for children up to 5 years old.

What characterizes is that it looks across the world for original and special products with exceptional design, usability and superior quality for babies and kids.

Babyglitter’s core philosophy is simplicity. Its range consists of hand-picked products with functional and innovative design for everyday use. Our main concern when building was to create an online store for children with simple and clean design that offers a pleasant experience to the visitor.

In practice, this was translated into various decisions at each level of creation babyglitter’s creation. Design-wise, we used the two colors of its visual identity, purple and gray, leaving large white background surfaces. We decided to use common search filters in each category for ease of use and speed of search. The product size availability is visible with just a click on a drop-down menu.

For the e-shop’s banners, we followed a different creative approach that has been constantly evolving. We aimed to give a strong sense of vitality, emphasize on the special character of and make the user navigation more interesting. Thus, we used lifestyle photos, creative compositions, capital and small characters, symbols and punctuation marks in a row. The result was an interesting promotion of e-shop's brands and products and the conveyance of babyglitter’s culture.

Babyglitter’s blog is fully aligned with the e-shop’s design, so as to create a unique experience to the visitors. Interesting articles for parents, recipes, suggestions and ideas by its four authors enrich the blog with new content weekly, increasing steadily its popularity.
As we fully understand and support the need for constant communication with the visitors and having a significant experience in this field, we built the e-shop's weekly newsletter campaign. We create thematic newsletters that harmonize with the e-shop’s design, but also have their own unique character. Lifestyle photos, original ideas and interesting compositions frame
babyglitter’s high-quality and original products. Our newsletter campaigns have been proven really successful, both at sales and communicative level. is a beautiful and informed online store with minimal and vivid design that was built to serve one purpose: to help the visitor find a special gift that will make happy the lucky kids who will receive it.