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Come Back Different. It’s a travel experience website which helps you learn, grow and change.

Combadi is more than just a travelling website. It is a pleasant environment that prepares the visitor to the most magical trip of his life, presenting holidays that will challenge the mind, the body and the soul.

Our inspiration for this website was the very Combadi concept itself and the holidays it represents. The content of is unique by itself and with the proper content promotion, we created a unique result.

The design was based on the idea that a journey begins from the moment one looks up for a destination. The passenger should feel comfortable and excited from the time he sees the suggestions for his trip. The purpose is to be in a happy and functional environment, which inspires him equally for the trip that he will embark on.

A detailed description of holidays, individual tabs in order to attribute effortlessly the amount of information and also the “quick info” choice to navigate quickly in the site, offer a quality and a harmony which keeps the visitor interested in all holidays.

The corporate identity design was an important element in the determination of the style and the general idea and the combadi site itself. For the logo we got inspired, not by chance, from a travel bird. It is called artic tern and travels all year covering the longest distance than any other bird on earth does, seeing two summers each year.

Lastly, the creation of the blog captures in a pleasant way with words, images and useful tips, impressions and details of all trips. The ones that made and the ones to be made, encouraging each and every one of us to live unique moments.