• Web Design

Cosmo.gr is a web portal about entertainment, news, style and all the things that make up the modern lifestyle. By redesigning Cosmo.gr, we created a contemporary web portal with a modern and functional approach.

Cosmo.gr started as a news portal and gradually evolved into the lifestyle portal that, currently, is. When Cosmo.gr team contacted us, they had already found the ideal character for the content of the portal and were seeking an -equally optimal- design, in terms of information architecture and elegance.

The emphasis was given on the content, which consists of -mainly- female subjects, avoiding however the clichés of the trite female aesthetics. Cosmo.gr, thus, is not an exclusively “female” site. In fact, it is a web portal where male users feel comfortable, without being repelled by a “pink” environment and at the same time, women feel that they have found a portal that respects their aesthetics and helps them navigate, pleasantly, through a functional user interface.