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This project presents the fascinating world of Ikaros Publishing in a contemporary online bookshop. At the new IKAROS webstore, you can buy print books and ebooks, learn more about the books, their authors and related events. The Ikarosbooks.gr site reveals character and rich history of the publishing house, while setting the company in the new digital landscape.

IKAROS is the publishing house of the historic "Generation of the '30s" and all the Greek Nobel Prize winners in literature. Ikaros held a dominant position in the postwar publishing world and has maintained its leading role until the present.

On the Ikarosbooks.gr site we brought together the rich past and dynamic present of Ikaros and we presented new ways of interacting with each reader.

In order to make administration and content publishing more straightforward, we brought together previously separate and independent functionalities, websites and blogs. The kids' books section and the news and events have all been migrated to the new system and are seamlessly displayed in the new website.

- All customers have their own private profile page holding information about their billing and shipping details, a list of archived orders, their ebooks for future reference and downloads, plus a wishlist of products for future shopping.

- We specially tailored our in-house content management system (Radial CMS) to fully meet the needs of a modern online bookshop.

- We incorporated our newsletter administration system in the main publishing system and we have already designed and launched a series of custom newsletter campaigns for Ikaros.

- Special care has been taken so that the website reaches as much of its target audience as possible. Across the website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) techniques have been used for both present and future promotions of the Ikaros' online presence.

Staying current with the requirements of the present day, we designed and developed a fully responsive website. It's a mobile friendly bookshop that is fully functional on every desktop, tablet or smartphone screen resolution. Ikarosbooks.gr offers a great user experience, regardless of the visitor's device.

Overall, ikarosbooks.gr is a modern online bookshop that highlights the cover design and content of the books that it presents. An online bookshop that respects its guests and promotes readership.