Explorer Apparel

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Modern design and fresh approach for a fashion company that felt the need to rediscover and redefine itself. Radial undertook the task of relaunching of Explorer Apparel and the result was more than impressive.

Explorer Apparel is our latest collaboration in the fashion industry and the only one -so far- that creates exclusively men's fashion.

Over the last few years, Explorer has been mainly operating in B2B industry and had thus lost track of its consumer audience needs. The new website has managed to create a new communication language with the company's clients, but it also aims to attract new audience that learns the brand for the first time, through the website.

The first visitor approach is through the new brand campaign, which shows the character and the lifestyle that the brand represents. At the same time, the visitor is led through a pleasant navigation in the full list of clothes, following a friendly and functional structure. Τhe clothes are presented in a grid with large thumbnails so that the visitor can enjoy them and then see them in full screen, in order to have a complete and detailed picture of the product.