First NSK Citizens' Congress

Cultural event

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The First NSK Citizens' Congress was an international cultural event that took place in the historical Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Germany. Radial was responsible for the design of the brand identity of the event, the design of print material, the website and the whole promotion of the cultural event on the Internet.

Citizens of the virtual NSK State, intellectuals and artists from all around the world participated in the event. Their goal was to discuss and present their work concerning the present and future of a utopian state and analyze the relation between State and Art in our times. The First NSK Citizens' Congress was initiated by Irwin, the concept was developed by Alexei Monroe and Haris Hararis and the event was Co-produced by Irwin and Büro für kulturelle angelegenheiten, with the support of the European Committee, the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Fund of Berlin.
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