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Flix is here to fill the gap of cinema information for the large, Greek, cinephile community: it is the first, clearly professional, daily updated website with purely movie content.

Flix.gr is neither a fan site, nor a personal blog. Acknowledged movie critics write articles every day regarding anything that goes on in the Greek and international movie industry. For the first time the devoted moviegoers have direct access to valid and quality information on new and older movies, new movie shootings and interviews with cinematography leaders. There are special sections on articles regarding cinema, festivals (Cannes, Venice, Berlin) and awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, Greek Academy Awards).

The creation of Flix was a challenge from the very beginning. All movie sites address mainly a web savvy audience with great expectations and a wide variety of Greek and international movie site choices.

The graphic design of Flix had to meet four essential conditions: to have an absolutely genuine character in order to stand out of the competition. To be modern and have the best possible user experience so as to meet the aesthetic demands of the large number of visitors. To be capable of transferring the complex information for the presentation of movies, news or articles. To provide advertising space of different size and form without minimizing the graphic design atmosphere.

The programming of Flix turned out to be complex as well. The biggest challenges that had to be dealt were: the complexity of the information architecture, the compliance with all modern web standards, the accessibility capability via any browser, operating system, smart phone and tablet and, finally, the very demanding ad management system, that is able to manage from a simple banner to a custom, interactive campaign.

We are very happy for the trust of and the cooperation with the people of Flix and the almost year long adventure we went through for the creation of flix.gr, a website that we are particularly very proud of.