Frank Ze Paul

Boulangerie - Patisserie

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Frank Ze Paul is a Greek bakery - pastry shop that follows the standards of French boulangeries.

The main characteristics of Frank Ze Paul is the quality of their products, their special aesthetics and their friendly approach to a demanding audience.

During our communication with Frank Ze Paul Chefs, we got to know the originality of their recipes, the high quality of the ingredients used and the special emphasis they put on the process of production.

Radial’s proposal was to create a website that will share the exact same values with Frank Ze Paul stores: A website with a unique design, particular content curation and first-rate building. A website that -just like Frank Ze Paul stores- will offer a pleasant experience to its visitors.

The project started with the text writing and the photo editing. We proposed a photo-shooting with a modern aesthetic view that would add prestige to the products. Despite its abstract aesthetics, the photos reflect the flavor and the freshness of the products.

Design-wise, we propose a new dimension to the existing Frank Ze Paul visual language by using elements of the contemporary digital typography.

We used the basic design elements of the product packaging, such as the black & white checkered pattern and the black background. We created a composition of large photos and legible texts, all arranged in a bold grid that goes beyond the usual "recipe" and highlights the particular nature of Frank Ze Paul concept.