Pastry raw materials

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Frulatti imports and distributes machinery and pastry raw materials and provides support services to pattiseries and pastry businesses.

Frulatti requested a site, which would not only be able to present its entire business, but also be able to be adaptable to its future business operations. The site, which we created, is built with such flexibility in order to be able to accommodate every possible activity of the company, such as a future online store, without having to redesign the website from scratch. Future additions would be aesthetically and functionally homogeneous. We were asked to focus on product quality. We added large and detailed images, dedicated space for the raw material itself and presented Frulatti's partners with detail one by one. Finally, the site was optimized for search engine optimization. The programming and the verbal structure were done in such a way that the main keywords would give the site the highest ranking possible.