Holistique Harmonie

Holistic beauty and health institute

  • HTML
  • Illustration
  • Web Design

Holistque Harmonie is an institute of alternative, holistic approach to beauty and health. We created a corporate site with the same principles that govern the institute: harmony, tranquility and simplicity.

The first step was to understand the perspective of Holistique Harmonie, which treats a person as an integrated entity with special spiritual, mental and physical characteristics indistinguishable from each other. The second step was to transform this knowledge into images, text and movement, in harmony with the philosophy of the institute.

We decided to create a site with minimal design, simple typography and great usability. The colors are neutral, the abstract compositions of images and graphics were created from scratch with a dominant element: the circle, which is based on the logo and the principles of Holistique Harmonie.

Programming sustained the same principles with our artistic approach. Simple, easy to use, without exaggeration, the site presents the big, interesting texts in sections with smooth, horizontal motion, in order to be readable and fun.