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Kanella.com is a portfolio website, presenting the graphic and artistic creations of Kanella Arapoglou.

Kanella designs brand identities and creates multimedia artworks. Like she says, art and design have always coexisted harmoniously in her life.

In her new website, the principal need was to distinguish the two types of projects, without prioritising any of them. Our design proposal was to present the two categories of work with different shape and colour, so that they can be clearly differentiated. At the same time though, art and design project thumbnails coexist harmoniously in the homepage, creating an intriguing visual game. 

In the project presentation pages, images play a dominant role. They are smoothly accompanied by a brief description, the services offered, the type of the project and the technique that Kanella followed. The page of each project is completed with the sharing buttons to the social media profiles of the visitor.

Moving onto the profile page of Kanella, we determined to include a collage made of photos published on her Instagram account, which is pretty active and engaging. Considering her social and communicative personality, the newsletter sign-up option and the links to her social media accounts appear permanently on the website footer.

Design-wise, Kanella’s website is responsive, which means that has a different layout and structure, depending on the device one uses, resulting into a smooth and pleasing user experience.

The content of portfolio is fully dynamic through Radial CMS and is adapted exclusively to Kanella's needs. All the categories and the pages of the projects are manageable and Kanella also has the option to choose the featured projects of the homepage.

Each of the two main categories of projects "Art" and "Design" has its own filters, in order to categorise easily Kanella’s creations and help the visitors find what they are looking for.

Overall, the navigation of the website is simple, intuitive yet engaging for the user. As a matter of fact, when scrolling the projects’ pages, the main menu fades out smoothly and reappears once the user scrolls upwards to help him navigate to the rest website.

Along with the new website, we redesigned Kanella's newsletter, which is a pretty valuable means of communication with her admirers. The updated newsletter of Kanella has various layouts depending on its content and is fully optimised, following the tendency of responsive design, as well.

Last but not least, we designed from scratch Kanella’s personal blog on Tumblr, trying to create a consistent look and feel, across all her online presence.