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Konstantinos Vita is a music composer and songwriter. He became well known at the beginning of 90's as member of the music group Stereo Nova and he keeps on contributing to music through his personal albums, concerts and composing for the movies and theatre.

Our goal for the official site of the artist was to create a platform that would not only inform, but also it would function as an interactive tour in the poetic world of Konstantinos Vita.

Apart from music, the material we were given was a series of verses, quotes, drawings, videos and photographs with intense atmosphere, which is a characteristic in the works of the artist. We decided that this kind of material should play a fundamental role in the website. Our design should not only delicately support, but also bring out his work. We wanted to give Konstantinos Vita the chance of creating a new communication channel with his audience, a new platform that would help him express his multitalented self.

The project was finished, but the website never went online. The fans of Konstantinos Vita could find a CD with a screen saver we created especially for his last book by Oxy Publications.