Kudos associates

Hospitality management consulting firm

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  • Web Design

Kudos Associates is a young company that offers new perspectives in the tourism industry through its marketing, sales and hotel managing services. We had the opportunity to design the logo, the corporate identity and the company’s website.

Our main purpose was to present Kudos’ strong personality, professional experience, knowledge and fresh ideas that Kudos' team offers to the Greek tourism.

The two basic elements in our design are the square and the circle. The square represents the logic and professionalism of Kudos and the circle the imagination and their vision for the modern tourism businesses.

Through our website design approach, we communicated the company’s services, vision and values, in a friendly and clear way, while enhancing the prestige and the professionalism that are offered.

We designed a series of additional graphics for the website, combining them with the business’ semantics and economic analysis and resulting to Kudos’ logo aesthetic and corporate identity’s colour palette.

The images that have been used in the homepage and in all website’s pages are related to the messages we wanted to communicate. The backgrounds and the images, support the character and the touristic approach of the website.

The result is a corporate website with a unique concept which reflects the values and the integrated services that Kudos Associates offer.