Greek Canning Company

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Kyknos is the first and biggest cannery in Greece, as well as one of the oldest in Europe. Celebrating a century since the first KYKNOS can made its appearance in Greek households, we created a website that, for the first time, introduces the history and the modern image of the KYKNOS company and its products.

The new is a modern, responsive website, with static and dynamic content, serving an expanded range of objectives.

It showcases the quality characteristics of KYKNOS products, offering new data and information on raw materials, production methods, and everything that contributes to the quality of KYKNOS products.
It speaks directly to the heart of the Greek consumer, renewing the image of a familiar and beloved brand. He recommends the company in new international markets, communicating with consumers and professionals of high demands, who seek quality tomato products from the Mediterranean land.

In we edited the concept, content, design, and implementation of the website. We studied the company's archival material and used the best data we had in our hands while creating new content, specially designed for the website.
We curated the new photography of KYKNOS products and offered solutions for the promotion of the company's values, quality and know-how through the thematic sections "You knew that" and "KYKNOS lifecycle".

We manage the overall presence of KYKNOS on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) creating content, and aligned campaigns around the brand while running campaigns on Google Adwords.