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Kyknos is the first and biggest cannery in Greece, as well as one of the oldest in Europe. Celebrating a century since the first KYKNOS can made its appearance in the Greek households, we created a website which, for the first time, introduces the history and the modern image of the KYKNOS company and its products.

The new is an modern, responsive website, with static and dynamic content, which serves an expanded range of goals (or purposes) ή The new is a responsive website of cutting-edge technology, with static and dynamic content, which serves an expanded range of aims. (δεν μου αρέσει το aims. ειναι λίγο φτωχό.) - It projects the quality characteristics of KYKNOS products, by offering new elements and information for the raw materials, the production methods and all the things that contribute to their high quality. - It talks straight away to the heart of the Greek consumer by refreshing the image of a familiar and beloved brand. - It introduces the company to new, international markets by communicating with consumers and professionals of high demands, who are seeking tomato products of the finest quality from the Mediterranean land. In we have taken care of the concept, the content, the design and the developing of the website. We studied the archives of the company and we utilized the best elements we had in our possession. Parallel to that, we created a new content, specially configured for the website. We organized and directed the new photo shooting for the products of KYKNOS. We introduced the classified sections "Did you know that?" and "The KYKNOS of life" in order to show the integrity, the morality, the quality and the technical know-how of the company.