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The MAT eshop was a pleasant consequence of our long creative cooperation with MAT company, both for the printed and online communication of the brand.

We have created an environment with a similar quality and design of the company’s overall concept. An eshop which reveals the company’s products and also helps customers to find and buy their favorite brand clothes in an easy and secure way.

The homepage design was based in the visibility of the brand’s fashion trends with alternating large banners in the horizontal part of the screen. Smaller banners are displayed below in order to help the promotion of specific products or other similar actions of the eshop

Our content management system (CMS), which is based in Radial’s ecommerce platform, offers a variety of tools that support our promotional actions, beside the necessary functions for a comprehensive presentation of the products and order tracking.
Regarding eshop’s maintenance, we design all advertising banners and we send tailor made newsletters, keeping all eshop’s customers informed about trends and discounts. We use a platform, which has been developed within Radial’s CMS, for managing and sending MAT’s newsletters and provides us a variety of options for an integrated newsletter campaign.