Mayo Deco

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  • E-shop is a fabric, wallpaper, furniture and interior design objects eshop.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> was a great opportunity to create an eshop, in which we initially will be customers. Mayo Deco products are themselves unique and therefore hard to present especially in an eshop. Fabrics and wallpapers rarely are well displayed in an eshop.

Our main aim was to highlight the products. We also focused on the visitors’ ease to find the ideal product and help them get it in an ease, quick and simple way. At the same time we tried to emphasize the corporate identity that <a href="" target="_blank">Kanella</a> has built in accordance with the feeling and the status given from the interior designer Maria Papadogrigorakou.

We have designed a grid that helped us create either dense pattern pages of fabrics and wallpapers or a photo object puzzle, while at the same time offers us the required space to clear demonstrate the information.

The desired result is an eshop in which the navigation offers the feeling of desire and delight as in a real shop.