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MIKAEL specializes on designing and creating evening dresses. Radial undertook the online presence of the company, building a site that promotes the special character of all of MIKAEL's creations. Our goal was to reach not only the consumers, but also the company's resellers.

Until recently, MIKAEL promoted its creations either through television shows or by contacting resellers in Greece and abroad. We created mikael.gr in order to achieve both targets: to be used as a marketing tool for more than 400 stores that sell MIKAEL's dresses and for the consumers who wish to browse through the products. All the dresses of the latest collection were photographed especially for the site and its prerequisites, which were designed to emphasize on the characteristics of the evening dresses: we used large, lifestyle photos and a full screen slideshow, we refrained from using an intense colour palette and we added small decorative elements. The large photographs with an auto resize feature make browsing comfortable and present elegantly the details of each of the dresses.Although most competitor sites are programmed in flash, we chose html for accessibility from almost all web capable machines, but we achieved to imitate a flash feeling. Thus, the browsing is smooth and simple even for the most inexperienced users.
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