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Milk is amongst the most renowned companies in branding and design. Yet, they preferred to assign to our team the design and development of their website- because those who have high standards, never settle for less. We accepted the challenge enthusiastically- it is a privilege to work with people whom you speak the same language with.

We designed and developed a modern and dynamic website, equivalent to the forward thinking of Milk. As successful marketing professionals they knew how to explicitly present their company and needs. As experienced web designers and developpers we knew how to translate them into a website equivalent to their high standards. Naturally, the whole project was a creative game and a challenge.

Milk.com.gr is a dynamic and responsive website. In order to support the special needs on this portfolio website, we developed a custom database in order to properly organize their projects and a CMS that allows the Milk team to update content regularly, in the back end. Following the latest trends, the website is mobile friendly and it can be fully accessed by any device.