Red Pepper

Custom made t-shirts

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Red Pepper designs and prints custom t-shirts since 2003.

The favorite t-shirt printing company of the Greek graphic design community decided to address the wider public by creating an online store with its custom t-shirt proposals.

Red Pepper requested an e-shop that would make printing a t-shirt an easy and pleasant process even first-timers. It's goal was to help anyone combine any stamp with any shirt in any color. The e-shop that were created does even more.

Red Pepper, using our CMS, can upload the stamps into categories of its choice and to choose the combinations that it proposes. The shopping cart is fully automated and extremely easy to use. It calculates the value of each t-shirt individually and the total cost of each order depending on quantity, delivery location and method of payment. The order, no matter how complex, can be completed in just one webpage.

The design was based on the need for quick browsing of custom t-shirt enthousiasts. Browsing the products is very quick. It is even possible to see all products on one page or just one product category on one page. The visitor can preview his choice and zoom in to see the stamp details. We gave particular attention to the design and copy of automated order emails, which look like a receipt from a bricks and mortar store.