Sacred Earth Journeys

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Sacred Earth Journeys is a Canadian travel agency specialised in tours to handpicked sacred sites around the world. Radial undertook their new responsive website, presenting a new concept that conveys their vision and motivates the visitor to book online a spiritual journey to remember.

Sacred Earth Journeys had content rich in information about the journeys; the site was filled with photos, quotes from clients, presentations of their tour leaders and blog articles talking about their experiences and the places they visit. We took this material and with care we structured it with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

We offered more than a re-design. We created an online beckoning to the spiritual experiences that Sacred Earth Journeys offer. A way of presenting a big amount of data in a pleasant and effective way. We created an interactive tool of communication between the agency and its clients, a marketing tool for the increase of online booking.

Initially, we reorganised the website structure and the layout of each individual page. We proposed a new concept with an emphasis on the journeys and a focus on their special features. The tour leaders, one of the key advantages of traveling with Sacred Earth Journeys, were promoted as key figures throughout the website, with a section dedicated just to them. A new blog was created and incorporated to the rest of the website, in order to contain all the travel articles.

Every page is a landing page. The first impression is always striking and the content is structured so that it motivates you to read more info and encourages you to book your next journey.