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We created a responsive dynamic website and edited the new image of a team of lawyers that takes advantage of technological advancements and new forms of online communication.

By designing the new website we created a new visual identity for the law firm. The professional prestige of "A.S. Papadimitriou and Partners" has been expressed with the use of a clean, classical typography, while its modern profile was expressed with a modern layout and navigation. As a reference to Roman law we used Latin numerals and as the main color we chose a vibrant green, which expresses perfectly the optimism, the positive perspective and the friendly attitude of the company's lawyers.

The photo shooting was arranged in the company's premises, so that the imagery of the website portrays the atmosphere and the character of everyday activities in the offices.

The lawyers are ever-active and the content of the website should match their fast pace. The easy-to-use content management system we created gives the staff the ability to -at any time- update the content, enriching the website with new cases, activities and articles.

The new website has been designed in such a way, so that it is displayed impeccably in all screens, no matter if the visitor's device is a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Moreover, special care has been taken of SEO, both on the technical and the content level.