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Travel in a magical world of stones, gems and accessories for unique handmade jewelry. The online store stefos.gr conveys the quality of the products and exudes the experience of the people behind it.

Radial created a modern and functional online store that addresses both to the consumer audience and to the business one, with the same success. The e-shop harmonizes ideally between the two markets, as it also functions as B2B with special rates and benefits for the corporate partners of the company.

The individuality of this online store is that its products are numerous and very diverse, with many particularities and specific needs for their proper presentation. In order to help visitors navigate and find easily what best suits them, we developed a system where the various search filters in combination with the clean and functional design, lead the users find the exact product they are looking for.

An intriguing challenge we faced was that the nature of the products required a detailed and accurate display, in terms of aesthetics. For this reason, large photos were used that can zoom in even more. To that direction, we design a series of banners that we update frequently, so as to promote more the chosen products for each season and present their particular aesthetic character.

The steady increase in traffic is ensured by a series of targeted online marketing actions. Our first concern was to ensure the optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO), both at technical and copywriting level. Consequently, we organized a campaign newsletter to keep clients updated for new products and their quality characteristics, on a regular basis.

Stefos.gr is connected to Google Analytics, allowing the e-shop administrators to have access to detailed and specific traffic, sales and visitor behavior statistics.