A social network for travelers

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For those who love travelling, is the ideal destination. A social network for travelers that started as an ambitious idea of an entrepreneur and, today, is a fully functional website. aspires to bring together in an online community people who enjoy travelling, in order to share experiences, meet each other and together, to meet the world. Therefore, a seamless user experience and an environment that facilitates the discovery of like-minded members are amongst the critical success factors of the project.

Having these in mind, we designed and developed a website that is primarily focused on the travelers, as they are the heart of the community. Through a variety of filters and selection parameters, they can discover co-travelers based on personal characteristics, destinations or interests. In the backend, we followed the example of Google’s AlphaGo and applied the machine learning technology, a system that uses algorithms to identify each user’s preferences and personalizes the results and recommendations. At the same time, all the data collected in the database are processed accordingly, following the machine learning methodology, resulting to a social network that decodes the behaviour of its users and adjusts itself to it.

The project, thanks to its innovative idea, the very high standards and the unlimited potentials, is a challenge, an opportunity and a journey of self-improvement for us, for the travelers, for everyone.