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Are you looking to create a perfect event for your "big day"? Then you should definitely visit whiteribbon.gr . Vana, apart from being an ideal partner, is also the most talented wedding planner you could ever find.

Building White Ribbon's new website, we started by analysing the process the company follows and tried to approach what a couple needs in order to organise the perfect wedding. The first element we focused on is the personality and the relationship that is developed between the wedding planner and the couples.​

We created a custom dynamic website that unfolds Vana's personality, methodology, describes previous marriages she has organised, and analyses her views and experiences on a blog, fully integrated into the website.

Finally, we gave a voice to the main characters, the couples. The couples have the opportunity to get in touch with White Ribbon through a smart and practical communication form and once they have completed their experience with White Ribbon, they leave a "love note" to the person who made their dream come true by organising the perfect wedding.