Words from Africa

Artistic work

Words from Africa is part of the art project NSK STATE in Time which examines the relation between the virtual and real and the connection of modern art to social life.

Radial designed and created the Words from Africa for the Irwin, a collective of Slovenian artists, and NSKSTATE.COM. Up to now the work has been featured in exhibitions in Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia and Taiwan.

The virtual NSK State was founded in the beginning of 90's from a group of Slovenian artists and soon became international with thousands of citizens all around the world. The NSK State is landless, though the citizens own a passport with all the typological characteristics of a modern passport.

The Words from Africa work presents interactively the thousands of emails that have been sent in the last years from Africa (specifically from Nigeria) in the website NSKSTATE.COM asking for help to get such a passport with the hope of immigration to this virtual state.

The text of emails create a cloud of words in which we browse the email content and discover by this unique effect the effort for real immigration within a virtual state.

  • Presentation of Words from Africa in exhibitions in Switzerland and Slovenia
  • Presentation of Words from Africa in Denmark
  • Promotional postcards of Words from Africa in the Utopics exhibition in Switzerland